Stow Away
  • Cycling outer layers specifically designed for unpredictable weather
  • Constructed from a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated Japanese fabric technology

With your everyday ride in mind, the Stow Away Collection delivers exceptional reliability for unpredictable weather. Suited to early morning rides, heavy crosswinds, and cold descents, these lightweight gilets and jackets easily pack away in a back pocket, always leaving you well equipped and prepared for the sudden shower.

Balancing Breathability and Wind Resistance

The Stow Away pieces' unique fabric structure was selected as a means of creating a protective outer layer that would be capable of delivering an optimal balance between breathability and wind resistance. The tightly woven outer surface protects from the elements whilst a more openly woven inner surface helps move moisture away from the body.

Rain Repellency

As the latest additions to our mainline Stow Away Collection, the Rain Jackets and Gilets offer strong water repellency and high washing durability. Constructed from a hydrophobic fabric with countless micropores, raindrops and snow are stopped from entering the fabric while moisture vapour from perspiration from hard activities is still able to pass through the micropores and escape from the garment.

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Stow Away

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