Enough Cycling x Pas Normal Studios

Late night curbside pizzas and refuelling at the supermarket. When Enough Cycling goes racing, they do it differently. For the 2022 season, Enough Cycling will explore and race in Pas Normal Studios' kit. From the Silk Road Mountain Race to Unbound Gravel and beyond.

The Enough Cycling x Pas Normal Studios kit is a mix of race-ready, high-performance pieces that feature the newest developments and aesthetics from the Escapism Collection. Everything is chosen specifically to give Enough Cycling an advantage when meeting whatever challenges nature will throw at them - at races and events all over the world.

Enough Cycling is exploring the borderless paths beyond the white lines. The six men and three women ride - and race - events all over the world with the goal of inspiring more people to seek out their own adventures - inside themselves or out there on their bikes. That vision resonates well with Pas Normal Studios' ambition to inspire communities based around cycling all around the world. The partnership is organic and living, based on a strong sense of community.

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