Manufacturing Partners

We work closely with our manufacturing partners to align our values and standards. Our close relationships stimulate the development of exceptional products and strengthen the ties within our value chain.

Manufacturing Partners

We develop our products in unison with a curated and well-established selection of manufacturing partners. We work with partners across the globe to utilize the knowledge and skills built up in regions over many years. We have direct and frequent contact with all of our manufacturing partners (Tier 1), frequently communicating through phone and video calls and factory visits. We have been working with some of our manufacturing partners since our company's inception. We also have direct contact with many of our fabric partners (Tier 2), which you can read more about here.

For 2021, we worked with 15 Tier 1 partners from across the world. While most of our products are produced in Europe (83%), we also work with specialist manufacturers in Asia (17%).


Many of our Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners have received certifications, ensuring their standards and values align with our own. You can learn about some of the certifications used by our Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners here.

Open Supply Hub

The OS Hub is a go-to source for identifying apparel factories and their affiliations by collating disparate factory lists into one central, open-source map, listing factory names, addresses, affiliations and a unique OS ID.

We are proud to contribute to this resource. You can view our data here.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Below you can find out more about the partners we currently work with to craft our items.


Castel D'Ario, Italy

LTP Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

LTP Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania


Bac Giang, Vietnam

State of Wow

Dongguan City, China


Wassenaar, Netherlands


Pingtung County, Taiwan


Carvalhosa, Portugal


Beijing, China


Guangdong, China


Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal


Barcelos, Portugal

OK Baby

Herning, Denmark


Kandana, Sri Lanka

Code of Conduct

We believe in an honest and fair business, with all employees treated equally.

Our Code of Conduct is an outline of our expectations of our partners. As an international brand, we expect our partners to follow all local laws and regulations. We build relationships with our suppliers through trust and communication. The Code of Conduct is a way of ensuring our partners have a clear understanding of what we ask for in a partnership.

We strive to work with our partners to improve the quality of life for stakeholders. We also take great interest in working with partners to reduce our operations' environmental impacts. These continuous improvements are facilitated through regular updates via factory visits, video calls, telephone calls, and emails.

The Code of Conduct has been signed by 100% of our manufacturing partners and is available to view here.