Mechanism Pertex Rain Jacket

Our new, lightweight and packable rain jacket with Pertex® Shield Air fabric.

A new rain jacket striking the optimal balance of protecting you from the elements and letting you breathe when pushing. The air permeable nanofibre membrane of the Pertex® Shield Air 3-Layer fabric creates a waterproof jacket that maintains a high level of breathability. 


Mechanism Pertex Rain Jacket

Men's and Women's Mechanism Pertex Rain Jacket

Ready for every situation

Combined with soft and quiet face fabrics, the completely re-worked Mechanism Pertex Rain Jacket offers best-in-class protection against the elements. The jacket easily packs in your jersey pocket, ready for when the clouds start to roll in mid-ride.

Pertex® Shield Air

A fabric developed for intense activities in even the most extreme conditions. The Shield Air membrane has a precisely tailored nanofibre structure, with a vast network of nanoscale pores. Allowing air to pass through for exceptional breathability and venting, without the need to build up excess humidity. 

Combining this durably waterproof membrane with lightweight, soft and quiet face fabrics, Pertex® Shield Air provides 3 layers of unparalleled comfort.