Defend Collection featuring

VAGOTEX Windtex®

When it comes to maintaining a desired level of comfort as you ride through the colder conditions, the ability to effectively layer up has continuously been regarded as the most effective solution. But as the temperatures drop and your number of layers begins to rise, storage space for these layers becomes limited. The use of more versatile, functional layers can effectively allow you to reduce the number of layers you need. As you exercise, your body heats up causing you to want to begin shedding layers. The Windtex® fabric adapts to the changes in your body’s temperature and with its already lightweight properties, the fabric does not feel bulky or restrictive, so you can get through your ride without needing to worry about peeling away those layers.

Products with Windtex® Technology

Made for Rainy Days

Riding in the rain is an inevitable part of every cyclist’s life. Whether these rides are part of your rigid training schedule or an unexpected downfall you got caught up in on your weekend group ride, cycling for hours in a wet kit is hardly the most enjoyable experience. If we avoided riding altogether when it was raining, the days we dedicated to exploring and training would be numbered. As cyclists, we are affected, not by the rain, but by the attitude we take towards it.

The Defend Jersey was designed to adjust our perspectives on the rain from one of aversion to acceptance, and maybe even one day: appreciation.

Combined Fabrics

The Defend Jerseys utilize the Storm Shield fabric system from Vagotex SpA in conjunction with their renowned Windtex® membrane. This Italian-made, heat-regulating membrane blocks wind and water from permeating its surface. This encourages the development of an optimal microclimate to exist between the fabric and your skin that is maintained due to its remarkable breathability and heat-retention capabilities.

How it Works

The Storm Shield system is lined with a hydrophilic microfibre to aid in the dispersal of sweat, avoiding the uncomfortable sensation of dampness. This fabric possesses a four-way elastic construction to allow your garments to fit perfectly against your body, regardless of how strenuous and dynamic the physical activity may be. The ability to deliver exceptional levels of protection from the elements while possessing an elevated capacity for thermal insulation makes the Windtex® fabric the ideal addition to our range of wet-weather cycling apparel to take you one step closer to appreciating those rainy winter rides.